Beaches and Cream Reservation

Now that Beaches and Cream offers reservations, are they really necessary? I’d like to be able to go there on whim from Epcot or HS and don’t want to be tide to a specific time. Is it hard to get into?

Is it harder for just dessert vice dinner?

Depends for 1-2 people maybe 3-4 yes you need a reservation 90% of the time

Bummer, we are a party of 4

Think they still have the window you can get ice cream from. You might be able to get a day of adr as well.

We’ve had ADRs twice - Jan 2014 & Jan 2015, and both times they were full and would not take any names for walk-ups. We saw quite a few people turned away. It’s such a small place! :slight_smile:

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I think the problem is that it is such a small restaurant. Would highly recommend an adr if you want more than ice cream.

We went on 28th October last year at 4.30 and it was quiet then. We asked for a booth and said we’d have to wait 30 mins. We said ok, given a pager and two minutes later it went off and we walked into a pretty much empty restaurant. I guess at peak travel/eating times you’re going to need a reservation.

If you can’t get a reservation there is a to-go area for ice-cream and they have a Mickey kitchen sink that is perfect size for 2 people to share.

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I grabbed an ADR for my trip last Sept and one for this years trip in Aug. It was pretty busy inside, and it’s not that large. But they do have the take out counter, if you’re just looking for ice cream.

I would get a reservation. It is a SMALL place. Remember you can always cancel the day before if needed.