Beaches and Cream Burger

Is Beaches and Cream $16 hamburger really worth it?
Trying to balance park time with down time, and transportation time to/from resorts.
We are not staying at Beaches and Cream.

Given you’ll drop $12.29 on a burger at Electric Umbrella (with Apple Slices & Fries included), I’ll go out on a limb and say yes that an extra $4 for a better burger at Beaches & Cream is likely well worth it. And of course, you’re there for the Ice Cream kicker anyway…

Ice cream… yes, of course!

So, burger from Beaches and Cream… or… D-Lux Burger followed by Ghiradelli at Disney Springs?

The Fountain at the Disney Dolphin has better food and ice cream both, IMO.

How do you get to the Dolphin?

You just keep walking past the Beach/Yacht Club - it’s the next hotel. You can also take a boat, although that typically takes longer, but does get you off your feet…

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Did both beaches & cream (had the burger–we stayed at Yacht Club in September) and D-Lux burger and Ghiradelli at Disney Springs…clearly D-Lux burger and Ghiardelli are better overall, but for the adults; kids enjoyed beaches & cream for the atmosphere, so it depends on the circumstances you have. Have fun!

Southern Burger at D-Lux is my favorite burger in WDW

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