Beaches and Cream ADR options

After not being able to find a restaurant at Epcot I wanted to go to for the right time I booked dinner at Beaches and Cream for 8pm. At the time I booked Epcot closed at 8pm and I was planning to do Disney Transportation. Now Epcot closes at 9pm and I got scared with Covid so I rented a car.

My question is what should I do with my car? When I’m done with dinner will I be able to get to my car in the Epcot parking lot? When will the Beach Club let me park? Can I park there in the morning and enter through the international gateway? Or do I have to move later in the day?

I have been searching for an Epcot ADR I like or an earlier Beaches and Cream ADR, but so far I haven’t seen anything. Thank you

Others may have a more practical answer/solution for you. I will just say it sounds like you may have a real conundrum regarding the parking situation to which there may not be a good solution aside from moving your car before your ADR. To me, Beaches and Cream isn’t worth dealing with that. We didn’t think the food was that good. I don’t know when you are going, but I would advise you to just keep looking for an ADR you want, or eat dinner at the festival booths in Epcot, or go elsewhere for dinner. If it’s the ice cream you are after, you could always walk over there any time from Epcot and order from the take-away window without an ADR.

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