Beaches and Cream ADR and ADRs in general with extra people

I just realized that Beaches and Cream now has ADR. I was planning on going there during our HS day, to take a long break from the park and go back at night. Now, I just realized that I need an ADR, and the only ones are for 4. None for 6, which is what I need. I made one for 4 since there was plenty of availability, but how does it work in this situation with ADRs? I will keep checking back for 6, but if it doesn’t happen should we all show up?? Never been to B and C before!

It is a question of table size. They can’t just pull up chairs or pull another table together at many places. So going from a 4 to a six requires a larger table. Maybe they only have 4 tops? So book another 4 top at the same time? You still might not be seated together, If you just show up with two more, you are likely to still be seated with a longer wait but they also could just tell you they can not accommodate you.

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Thanks! How do u book another table At the same time? It tells me I already have an ADR.

You’d have to call to do that.


Another option is to set up a “extra ADR” account with a different email that isn’t tied to your account at all. I did this for the days we needed separate res (group splitting up) at around same time easily. Then just added notes in my real account of time/place/#

And as for showing up with extra- I know some claim it’s no big deal/always works… But I’ve seen people turned away or made to go through huge waits. it depends on the restaurant and probably the CM on duty.

Thanks. I ended up having another party member set up their own account to make an ADR. Looks like in the fine print it says that they can’t accommodate parties larger than 5 at B&C.

Beaches and Cream is a super small place (only 6 or 7 tables that seat only 3 or 4 people) and maybe 3 booths (that seat 4 along the wall). So it would be tough for them to accommodate more than the 4 people on your ADR. Fingers crossed that your second account can get you a second table near the same dining time. Beaches and Cream is great!

I have reservations for 7 at B&C in March of 2015. I did not see the fine print. Should I be worried.

I’ve seen parties larger than 5 together at tables that were pushed together. I think it’s just a warning in case it is busier and it isn’t easy to move the tables around

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Thank you. This is our first trip.

I have ADR for Beaches and Cream for dinner. Can we order just ice cream? Or will they expect us to order dinner? I’ve never had a reservation for here before, we usually just walk in and order ice cream.

You can order as little or as much as you like at any TS ADR. I’m sure they are used to people coming for just dessert.

When we were there in Sept, there was a family of five in a booth next to us. The children were super excited when the kitchen sink arrived. We then started hearing the 5 yo or so daughter sob. She was upset because her parents just told them that the ice cream was dinner and she wanted a “real dinner.” The boys were unphased. Eventually she settled down, but we thought it was funny.

So yes, people do, and you can just order ice cream