Beach vacation this week

So we’re at an amazing beach vacation this week. I got a part time job about 2 years ago so I splurged and rented a house on Hilton Head with a pool and hot tub. On day 2 and I’m still sitting here on this board. We went to the beach yesterday, husband, 3 kids, and I said ya know I think I’m over beach trips. I’d prefer to be at WDW. I have LOVED the beach my whole life, it is (was) my happy place. But it’s pretty boring. I would love a day at the parks right now. Husband who never ever in a million years would want to go to Disney totally agreed! We did our one and done trip to Disney last June. Just for the kids. It’s husbands worst nightmare. I figured it’d be ok. We loved it. And now the beach, eh. I wish I had the chance to go home and get a refund and spend it on Disney. Oh well we’ll be there in November! But I will never plan a week Long Beach trip again.


Not to mention my shoulders got sunburned, even with sunscreen, and we saw a shark in the water! Like 30ft from where our kids were swimming! And im paranoid about the jellyfish. Apparent they have Portuguese man of war jelly fish here, which are awful. I’m a nervous wreck in the water. Ugh. Too stressful. WaAah…I wanna go home.


I’d always prefer to be at WDW but we just can’t afford it. And DS absolutely loves just being in the pool all day. We all love all inclusive too!

I love Hilton Head, but I understand the desire to be at Disney. On our last beach trip even my kids were bored by the afternoon on our second day.

I am not a beach person, Never have been. i live in RI and we have lots of beaches, less than an hour away and my brother lives in a beach town about a 1 mile away from the ocean so I could go easily, but no interest.
I am not an ‘outside’ person at all really, I have two shades, pasty white & lobster red so even a resort pool I have no interest in.
I know, Disney is outside, but it is soooo different :slight_smile:
Really I can’t think of any other vacation I would rather go on at this point.

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You should have rented points and stayed at Disney’s Hilton Head resort!

@ajcraw102 I’m in the 401 too. I think there are lots of us. :slight_smile:


We love the beach, but we figured out that we prefer a 3 night stay. It’s nice and relaxing and there is enough to do those 3 1/2 days to keep us from getting bored. A week is just way too long. But, we cant afford Disney every year either, so we have decided to do more affordable excursions to tack on to our beach trips. Next year is Williamsburg, VA and Mt Vernon.

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We have an issue in my house too surrounding all things vacation. DH wants to do other things. I want to Disney for every vacation until at least DD gets a little older. At age 7, if we took her to see the Grand Canyon, she might not remember it fully. At least not in the way she will when she’s a teenager. All DH wants to do is to go all inclusive beach resorts. I can handle that for about 4 days TOPS. I get sooo bored.

Ooh that’s rough. My husband would never go anywhere if I didn’t plan a trip and tell him we are going :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: we just got a puppy though and so I think our travels days will be limited once we get this trip and WDW in November out of the way.

Well we actually enjoyed our week here at the beach. I love Hilton HEad because there are so many cute areas near the beach and Harbour with shops, restaurants, entertainment. The problem is the kids 8 and 12 don’t want to do any of that. They complain and makes the rest of us miserable. They just want a beach anywhere and a pool is a bonus. But we did not need to drive 5 Hours, the NC Beaches 2 hours away would have been fine for them. Oh well. I really enjoyed it. I wish I knew how to post a picture of me and my husband at the cutest lunch place, Sans kids. Best part of my trip! Ha!

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We are headed to Hilton Head next month. I’d love to hear your favorites!

We loved Java Burrito (like chipotle but really cool building) we also loved Lowcountry Backyard Restaurant. Great atmosphere outside, but not if it’s too hot. Skip Hickory Tavern. Wasn’t all that impressed with Scott’s Fish Market, but nice atmosphere at the Harbour in shelter cover. Coligny plaza is a neat little area near the beach. We only got ice cream, gluten free bakery items for me which were AMAZING. Bought a cool hat. Tuesday’s have fireworks/festival at shelter cove. Kids were hot, annoyed and not impressed after seeing WDW. Plan was to hit Harbour Town in sea pines tonight, but we’re all wiped out. From previous visits I can tell you it’s realy nice with the Harbour, boats, lighthouse, music, shops etc. Harris Teeter was great ( I think it was office park, not the one on Main Street) what area are you staying in? I’ll let you know if I think of anything else. Oh watch out fir sharks. We did see them and were called out of the water by lifeguards one day. We saw horseshoe crabs and sting ray in the water. No jellyfish thank God.

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Do you remember the name of the gluten free bakery at Coligny? We’ve been going to Hilton Head for 35 years, and I had no idea they had a gluten free bakery in there and would love to try it when we are there in November. We try to avoid that area in the summer because it’s too crowded so that’s probably why we missed it.

If you are down that way again and like seafood we have always loved Hudson’s, Skull Creek Boathouse, and Old Oyster Factory. The food and the views are amazing! Glad you had a good time!

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Thanks for the reply! We’re staying in a condo right by the Coligny Shopping Plaza. I appreciate your recommendations!

Have you ever rented bikes while you were there? Just curious if there’s a lot of places to ride.

Off the Hilton Head topic but if you are looking for a beach vacation then consider South Seas in Captiva, FL. We love it there! Instead of sharks we see dolphins literally swimming right next to you! It is beautiful and relaxing but we go for about 5 days tops. Sannibel Sea School is nearby for kids. Quaint trolly rides you around the resort. Nice restaurants and a candy/pizza shop right there. The Bubble Room restaurant is a must!!!

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Love this picture!

Oh yes, everyone is riding bikes everywhere. There are tons of bike paths. There were some at the house so we didn’t rent them, but you definitely can. I really liked that area! So much to do close by.

That sounds amazing! I will look into that!

Thank you, I do too. We never get a good one of just us.