Beach Towels

Bring your own from home or use the ones at the resort?

We have always used the ones from the resort. Who wants to do more laundry when they get home?!


Are they poolside or do you request them from Mousekeeping?

I think that depends on the resort. And I think they are Bath sized towels not beach towels if that makes a difference to you.

Poolside at POR and OKW. Not sure about other resorts

At quiet pools, you need to bring towels from your room.

I love buying the Disney towels they sell.. they are huge and yeah $17 but I think most big beach towels ive seen are in the $10-12 range or so anyway.

The resort towels are pretty small, personally I thought they were smaller than regular bath towels even in deluxe. The pool towels are slightly smaller still than the room towels.
Still prefer to use them though, rather than taking up vsaluable space in my luggage!


what about if you go to a waterpark? Can you bring hotel pool towels there, or is that frowned upon? Don't want to do something to get me on the naughty list

yes, you can bring them from the room to the water parks - either grab some from the pool or take the ones from your room. That is what we did...and what all the guide books said was fine to do. The ones they rented at the water parks seemed to me to be basically the same thing.

Last trip I brought some of our older Disney towels. We really loved using them at the TL but I think we mostly used the pool towels at the pool because I didn't want wet towels around the room every day.

The WP towels, available to rent for $2, are bigger and thicker than resort towels. I sort of wished I had my own towels but would have hated 1) carrying them around after WP and 2) finding a way to dry them in our room. Still debating what to do for next time. Lounge chairs at resort pool really benefit from a towel - at least at AoA.

Value hotels don't have them at pools, but just ask at the front desk for extras, no problem.

Yeah, we debated that before bringing our but that's why I brought old ones. They were the thin ones the disney store used to sell and my kids have "out grown" them for pools, etc. so if they were stolen, oh well. We threw them on the chair and did our thing. Plus they dried fast. Not sure if I would have felt as comfortable doing that with really nice ones. I thought it was fun using the princess, nemo and high school musical towels again.