Beach Club/Yacht Club

Does anyone know if the EPCOT fireworks are visible from the BC or YC rooms? If so, would they be preferred rooms?

Conversely, is there anywhere on the BC/YC grounds that you can go to watch them? Or can you stand near International Gateway to see them? Or is this done and it’s really crowded?

Illuminations can really only be seen within World Showcase. Even then, there are good, better and awful spots to stand.

Outside of World Showcase, you can see some of the highest fireworks from BC/YC/Boardwalk area. But 95% of the show is much lower and at eye level when standing around the lagoon.

I’m not saying it’s not worth it to try. I’m all about managing expectations. You just won’t see a whole lot unless you’re inside. There’s a lot of landscaping that obstructs views from ground level.

You can give IG a shot. That area is rarely crowded. If it turns out to be great, let us know. It’s always nice to have good location suggestions.

Agree with above - no real place to see the full show outside of Epcot. People do gather on the bridge to ESPN, but you just see the high fireworks.

Thanks for the heads up. I was thinking of paying the premium for Beach Club for the fireworks, but maybe I should take my premium to AKL instead and get a view of the savannah and forego Illuminations.

My kids have never seen any of the Disney fireworks, as my husband is usually too tired to trek back there by that time. (we do RD and usually stay off site, so the days are full) This trip, we have an afternoon and evening, one night in a resort and then the next day at (probably) EPCOT. Our only chance at Illuminations is to see them from that venue.

If you wanted to see fireworks from your resort you cwould be better staying at a MK resort. However, if you stay at YC/BC it is really easy to get to either DHS or Epcot for the fireworks.

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My kids never want to stay for fireworks either! We had an amazing view of HS fireworks from art of animation last year and watched them every night!

@cbalusek, would you mind saying where at Art of Animation you were able to watch the HS fireworks? We are staying there in August and I’d love to know. Thanks!

We stayed at BC in March - 2nd floor closest to Epcot. We could see some of the highest fireworks from our room, but it was also a super quick (5 minutes max) walk to Epcot - so it was really convenient to see Illuminations and then head back to the hotel for our tired crew…

We’re like you. In 4 trips, our kids have seen Wishes once. We had a standard room at BC and had an amazing view of the HS fireworks (3rd or 4th floor, with a slightly obstructed view looking out over crescent lake). Illuminations is a little boring for a lot of kids. (Others may disagree but I like Star Wars fireworks best, then Wishes, then Illuminations at distant 3rd.)
I hear you - if I had the choice, I’d probably go for AKL and relax and enjoy the animals; trek out to fireworks only if we had energy some night.

Really? It never even occurred to me that you could see HS fireworks from BC. So they must go a lot higher than the EPCOT ones.

We won’t actually be using an admission on our night in the resort. I wanted to only buy a one day pass and use it the next day, but we have to leave for the airport in the early evening, so would miss the fireworks on that day. Otherwise, I’d totally do EPCOT that day with a break and back for fireworks.

Another night we were walking back from EP as HS fireworks were going on, lots of people sitting/standing outside watching the HS fireworks - easy to see above the BW on the other side of the lake. Beautiful. Only thing missing was the music!

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We stayed in a cars suite one year, which was facing the cozy cone pool. Last year we were in the nemo building closest to the main pool but I’m not sure where we were facing. In both locations, we could see fireworks from our bedroom.

Returning from a late night snack one night we also joined several people in the parking lot to watch them. You can hear them pretty clearly so you will know when they start. :slight_smile:

These were the frozen fireworks - I’m not sure that the Star Wars fireworks are as high.

Thank you, @cbalusek! We have requested a Nemo suite that seems to face POP, but even if we can’t see them from the room this will be a treat to look forward to from the parking lot!

We just had an excellent view of Star Wars FW from BWV!

Was your room high up, jenniemouse? Or did you go outside to see them?

We were on 5th floor saw from balcony

I could see the Star Wars fireworks from the 5th floor of BC, club level facing SAB. Here is a fuzzy pucture. :grin: