Beach Club, Yacht Club and balconies

I’m planning a trip for our family of four at the end of August 2019. We have never stayed at Yacht Club or Beach Club. I’ve sold the kids on the pool and I like the convenience to Epcot and HS. So I go to look at my options, and see that all Yacht Club water views and garden views are booked for our dates. 11 months out.

I’m now looking at Beach Club, but I would really like a balcony. I like to be the first one up in the morning drinking my coffee and the last one to bed drinking my glass of wine all on the balcony as the World moves around me. It is my understanding that only a few Beach Club rooms have balconies. Is this right? Do they have an open window instead?

So looking at my options:

Option 1. Book a Beach Club water view. I’d love to be convinced by others that Beach Club is better anyway.

Option 2. Book a Yacht Club water view on the Club Level. Looks to be about $200 more a day. Honestly don’t think that will work. But maybe someone will tell me club level is worth every penny.

Option 3. Do option 1 or 2, but keep checking in to see if someone cancels and a water view room opens up at Yacht Club. 11 months out. There has to be some movement right?

Anyway, would love opinions and thoughts. Thanks! This will be our family’s 2nd trip to WDW. Our girl/boy twins were five years old then, and they’ll be nine on this trip. Already excited about it.

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Have you ruled out a standard view?

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When you visited before was it in August? We found that it was so hot in July we didn’t really want to have the slider open to enjoy our mini balcony at all after using it a fair amount on a trip in December. My conclusion became in the summer, it didn’t matter to us. YMMV obviously but even in the morning/night the humidity change is considerable that we didn’t use it…

Given that I’d just book BC and be happy. Great resort in a great location…


Good question. In my mind I had ruled out standard view, because I envisioned myself drinking my early morning coffee over a car-filled parking lot. I’d like some sort of a relaxing view. But maybe I’m being unfair. There are standard views still available at Yacht Club for our dates.

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I cannot remember the room number but this was my standard view at the YC. I would use the TP room request. I have always been able to get a balcony at BC but it stressed me out worrying about if I will be able to get one.


i second this consideration. We had a balcony at Beach Club in June.

First, we had a “mini” balcony, not the big ones like on the second floor, and it was so close to other rooms and balconies that it lacked any real privacy.

Second, we were on the third floor, and there was no tree cover or shade. Based upon the direction of our room, our balcony was in direct sunlight from sunup to mid to late afternoon.

Third, it was about a million degrees with all the humidity.

THerefore, we spent 0 minutes on our balcony at the Beach Club.

Conversely, we had a split stay and a shaded large patio at the Poly which we used often. It was still pretty hot but the predominate shade made it tolerable. Still, we didn’t sit out there a ton.

Long story longer, an August stay may make having a balcony moot. Its your call however.



This is our standard view balcony room at BC. The balcony was crazy huge. We hung out on it many times and it was July.

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Thanks for the feedback! And the great photos of “standard” view rooms.

It was late August when we went last time, and it was very hot and humid. I still managed to use our balconies at Contemporary and AKL. But you’re right that is something to consider.

@PrincipalTinker As someone who has stayed at both Yacht Club and Beach Club. Are there reasons you prefer one over the other?

I do prefer YC but for personal reasons. First, I am very sensitive to CM comments and during my first stay, years ago, I was told there were “important guests so your room will not be ready until after 6:00”. Funny, I did return after that. I will admit I have “a thing” for balconies. I have not returned to BWI because I spent my first stay there in a room without a balcony. I will always pick YC based on balconies.

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Thanks for all the advice! I’m going to book a Beach Club water view room. (Btw, this will be the back end of a split stay with Contemporary.) And I’ll plan to ask for a balcony on my Touring Plans room request fax. Also, I’ll probably monitor YC room availability, in case I want to change my mind. But I think I’m convincing myself on BC regardless. 11 months to go! :grinning:

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