Beach Club Water View - Room Request

Dear All

My booking states at the Beach Club Resort include a ‘Beach Club Water View’ BCWWV.

I would like to use the Room Request facility from but I’m unsure which option in the search list. The water view options given are:

Water - Club Level/1 Bedroom
Water - Club Level/1 King Bed
Water - Club Level/2 Bedroom
Water - Club Level/2 Queen Beds
Water - Club Level/Deluxe Room
Water/1 King Bed
Water/2 Queen Beds

We are a family of 5 (Mum, Dad & children aged 14,12,10).

Which option is going to be most suitable for us???

Thank you

This is in the Universal section, but Beach Club Resort is at WDW. Did you mean Cabana Bay at Universal or Beach Club at WDW?
If you meant WDW, did you book a club level room or a standard room with water (pool/lagoon) view? If you booked a standard room with water view, use the water/2 queen beds option. You can’t have a king with 5 people (3 is maximum). I can’t tell from your description if you booked a Beach Club Resort water view room, or a Beach Club Resort (Club level) water view. The 1 and 2 bedroom options are a separate booking category as well.

Thanks for your help Wahoohokle
Apologies for posting in the wrong place. It is the Beach Club Resort in WDW.

I have a booking for 1 room - Beach Club Water View. Based on your answer I should search rooms under:

Water - Club Level/2 Queen Beds

Is this correct?

I appreciate your help with this. Thank you

I am still not sure you have a club level room though. It should say Club level, not just Beach Club Water view. That sounds like a standard, non-Club level room to me. Can you call WDW to find out exactly what you booked? You wouldn’t want to request a club level room if you didn’t book club level…you would need to request a standard water view. Did you want Club Level? It includes breakfast and snacks/drinks in the club level lounge plus a concierge that does things like make your ADRs for the trip. It is quite a bit more expensive than a regular room.

Hi Wahoohokie

It is a little misleading and, as you suggested, I’ve made the call to WDW and it’s not Club Level. It’s just a standard room.

So I guess it’s ‘Water/2 Queen Beds’ on the touring plans room request menu?

Fabulous help from you thank you.

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There may be people that can help with a specific room request. Yes, water/ 2 queens is what you are looking for. You vacant move this thread to the Walt Disney world section by using the little pencil icon next to the categories.

Hi Wahoohkie & PrincipalTinker

Fabulous help thank you. You saved me from making a wrong room request.

I shall move this thread to the correct section.

Thank you


Yes, water with 2 queens is what you need. Glad you called to see what you had booked. Happy I could help you figure this out.

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