Beach Club Villas

What side of the Beach Club Villas should we stay in- facing the pool or the other side facing the woods? What do you think is the best room location at the BCV?

We stayed a few years back and faced the woods. We were on the 3rd floor and could see the tops of the Epcot buildings and also the fireworks. It all depends on what direction you face. One other bonus to that side of the resort is the path you can use when coming to/from Epcot. When coming from Epcot you will see a small gate and a path, this will lead you right to your room. Enjoy your stay!

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That depends on your travel party and interests. When our kids were younger, we liked the pool view rooms, and the first floor ones allowed us easy access to the pool. It was fun for the kids to sit on our patio at breakfast time and watch the ducks and ducklings at the pool, too. If you want views, then the pool side probably isn’t going to be your first choice.

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What are the other views like if we don’t have a pool view?