Beach Club Villas question

I’m thinking about what room we want to request. We’re staying in a 2 bedroom. I know we want an upper floor. I want to have the quickest walk to elevator/exit so we can get to Stormalong Bay and walkways to Boardwalk/Epcot and bus transportation as quick as possible. It’s hard to tell on maps if there’s exits on the sides of the villas building or only the main center exit. Does anyone know?

I know with any of the villas, it’s long walks to get places (we’ve stayed at Boardwalk villas and Bay Lake Tower) so just trying to see if there’s a way to shorten our walk!


There are exits via stairwells on at least some of the sides. While visiting a friend last week we took a stairwell and exited out about as close to International Gateway as you can get (as the crow flies). Perfect as we were headed to the Skyliner.

One disclaimer though, the closest walkway to Epcot/IG basically skirts the bottom of the BCV and the far right side of the hotel wing. If you think of BCV as a Y shaped building they were in that bottom portion. I have no experience with the other wings as the only time I stayed there was very close to the main elevator. It seemed like a quiet wing and I like the proximity to the walkway.

I do not know how many or where in the BC DVC building the 2 bedroom villas are actually located, but you may be limited in your choices depending on the their placement in the building. As I recall, all the stairs are at the end of the hallways by the outside of the building. There are 2 elevators, one at the main Villa entry/lobby and the other closer to the Villa pool on the west side. We found that you are much closer to everything staying in the Beach Club’s main resort building than you are when staying in the BC DVC Villas

The 2-beds are found throughout the building, not all grouped together.

KLo4 may be in luck then. I’d request a room in the center of the building closest to the lobby elevator if that’s possible. I think that is the quickest way in and out of the building.