Beach Club Rooms

About to pull the trigger on BC- standard room package with TA! What should I request in our reservation? Was thinking high floor close to Epcot with full balcony… Any luck that would be a standard room?

I used the hotel recommendations/views from the touring plans website. I can’t remember the exact room I requested, but I know it was 3rd floor looking toward Swan/Dolphin.

Did you like your “standard room”- I am confused by room finder- not sure why, but was thinking of requesting a location and type rather than exact room number- hard to figure out where the standard rooms are.

I went to the hotel room views (on touring, selected standard view, then clicked staff picks. I think I requested 3725 or 3727, based on the picks and what I also liked.

I have been looking on my iphone- will check on the computer tonight! Did not even see where there were staff picks! Ty!

Looks like building 1 3rd floor off number rooms facing S&D- Anyone know if any come with a daybed or full balcony? Looks like odd number rooms face the parking lot…

I do the same thing with quite a bit of success. Have gotten (semi or even full on) water view or garden views in a standard room. Love that you can see pics from most rooms and that TP even tells you what to say to WDW to request that room. It’s yet another great resource from TP. Not sure all know about it.


Second floor was great as you didn’t have to wait for elevator. Went right up the steps from lobby. The first room we had was over Main entrance and driveway. Soo noisy in morning with busses and new arrivals. We were moved to other side. Daybed was perfect for 8 year old so older brother could have his own bed.

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