Beach Club Rooms- Garden View vs Standard View?

In The Unofficial Guide Walt Disney World 2015 it says rooms 4578-4596 are Standard View, but when I look at the resort map on this website it says they are Garden View. Anyone know which they really are please? I booked Standard View and am just looking for a quieter room near the Epcot entrance and figured those facing the woods would be quietest, but not sure if I should bother requesting if they’re not really in my class.

Woods view are classified as garden view at BC so I suspect the TP classification might be left over from earlier when it was standard.

Thanks! Any suggestions for quiet standard rooms? When I put that combination into the room search nothing comes up.

Standard rooms at Beach Club are second floor. The building design creates setbacks from roofs and parking lot overlooks. I’d go ahead and request 1st floor way over by epcot facing the woods. There are so few standard rooms you might have a shot at the garden view. There’s really no difference or variety on standard except that based on your desire to be near epcot and quiet you really don’t want those 3rd floor rooms over the roof tops. I think that floor has the micro balconies too.

If you’ve never stayed at BC before, first floor is really convenient vs down and around the halls dealing with elevators to get to your room

Thanks for the tips- I appreciate it! I’ll request the first floor near Epcot entrance and hope for the best.