Beach Club questions

Hi! Hope some who have stayed at BC can help me out:

  1. Am I correct in seeing that the Marketplace has a microwave – I assume that is free for anybody to use?
  2. Is there a mini-fridge in the room? I don’t see one in the photos and it’s not mentioned but maybe it’s hidden under the sink area?
  3. Approximately how long would it take to walk to the Boardwalk Bakery? 10 minutes?
  4. It looks like there are 2 laundry facilities. Is one better than the other?

Anything else I should know or things you loved about the resort (besides Stormalong Bay, of course!) We’re leaving in 24 days for our 7 night stay there! Woo hoo!

We’re leaving for BC in 22 days and staying 14 days!

Can’t answer 1) and 4) but yes, there is a mini-fridge. It was in a small closet in the desk last time we stayed I think.
And it will take 10-15 min to Boardwalk, depending on how fast you walk.

I haven’t used the microwave at the marketplace, but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen them there in the past. Paging @LuvMuppets, who I think did some laundry there on a past trip and might be able to answer that question.

I love the whole atmosphere at BC. When you check in, ask for a schedule of resort activities (marshmallow roast, movies on the beach, pool activities, etc.). BC shares bus service with YC, and the bus typically stops at YC first, so factor that in to your planning. Hope you love it!

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I tried using the laundry facility near the quiet pool last year (in wing nearest to EP). There was no change machine, and the walk to the lobby was looooooong, hence I tried, but did not do laundry there. super-frustrating. The front desk CM said that there were change machines in the other laundry rooms, but I have heard reports that the change machines are not always working. Bear this in mind as you set out to do laundry. It is also possible that now (a year later) the machines will use room keys/magic bands instead of coins - I believe some resorts were moving to a coin-free system.

Thanks everyone! I have a feeling my kids are going to love the resort so much they won’t want to spend that much time in the parks! :smile:

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Oh and @akershus if you see three little blondies (girls) running around SAB having the time of their lives, those would be mine. :slight_smile:

We have stayed at BC several times and YC once. Each has a basement laundry and one at the quiet pool. It’s easier to use the quiet pool laundries because at least you can swim. Last time there was June 2013. Not sure if they still only take quarters. We learned to bring 2 rolls of quarters on our trips. Don’t expect jumbo washer/dryers. Not the greatest laundries but the quiet pool facilities were larger

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My to very blonde boys will probably match your girls @YouAreAllWeirdos , running around and making a lot of noise. :wink: And they will be easy to spot, since they will be speaking a completely different language!

How fun! Where do you live @akershus?

We live in Norway :smiley:


We lived in the very very Norweigan section of Minnesota! I had two students in my class named Maren Olson, and 6 with names that were some version of Kristian! Lutefisk forevahhhh!

Haha @LuvMuppets ! It’s funny that Lutefisk is one of the things everyone thinks of when they think of Norway, because it’s not really something we eat a lot. Some people eat it around christmas-time, but I have never been served Lutefisk in my life. Thank god! Because it is disgusting! :wink:


Now that’s a different story! We eat lefse with our hot dogs all the time! :smile:


I know this is late, but I’ll answer for anyone else that might look this post up.
Yes there is a microwave in the marketplace. We used it last time because my little one got sick and I microwaved a can of soup for her.
Also double check that the fridge is plugged in. Our first stay at Beach Club, it wasn’t plugged in. We didn’t notice right away. It was pretty stinky.

Thanks for the info. Any chance that I will be able to request a microwave for my room at BC? I heard that’s possible at some deluxes