Beach Club Pool Update?

Hi all - can anyone give an update on the Stormalong Bay situation now that social distancing has been relaxed and the hotel is open? I had been hearing about hour+ long waits just to get into the pool area. As someone who will be there in a few weeks… I am hopeful that things have eased up a bit? TIA!

Check over on WDW Lines chat. There are Liners there now. I haven’t seen any posts there regarding waits for that particular pool. Just FW & CBR I believe. I’d have to double check.

We were there from May 14 to the 25th. We went to the pool at various times of the day. We never waited to be admitted. The morning that we went to the pool right at 10:00, there was a short line, but everyone got in. Beach was not yet open, however.

Beach was open when we were there this past March. The beach was roped off it something last week you mean?