Beach Club or Yacht Club

Although I booked our trip to Disney in February, I’m being incredibly indecisive about the hotel and have changed the reservation at least 4 times. I will be traveling with DH, DS6 and DD1. Our dates are Aug 22-29 and we’re currently booked at BC.

I’ve probably changed the reservation at least 4 times. I started with BC standard view room then moved to YC (also standard view) when a good discount became available. Then I upped that to a lagoon/water view when I received one of those 30% codes that I could use. Then last week, I changed back to BC and back to a standard view because availability popped up using this same code. Everything I’ve read talks about YC being stuffier/more-adult than BC and I was worried that I was wrong to switch.

And now today, I see that there’s Free Dining availability at YC (standard view). It’s about $300 cheaper than what I have currently booked at BC and includes park hopper (but I’m not convinced we’ll be able to make much use of it, especially since I need to work around my existing ADRs).

So, Beach Club or Yacht Club? Is BC that much more kid-friendly? Or, should I just take the $300 and put it to good use at California Grill or somewhere else on the trip? My husband is not interested in my Disney planning obsession, so I’m hoping someone here will be able to help me out!

Oh, and this is my first trip to WDW in about 15 years and it will be the first for my husband and kids.

I can’t help on BC vs. YC really - they share a pool that’s generally regarded as the best on property though and both are essentially Epcot adjacent so I’m not sure you can really go wrong in the choice. $300 is $300 though and I will say I’d want Park Hoppers staying that close to Epcot. We typically eat a lot of dinners at Epcot and being that close, I’d want to be able to pop in when the mood struck for a meal or ride. With the young kids those unplanned visits might be tougher, but over a week’s time I’d guess you’d make use of the easy Epcot access a few times at least…

I don’t think you can get both the free dining AND the 30% off, so keep that in mind!

As for which is better, I think it’s a draw. They are attached to each other and like was said above, share the same pool which is arguably the best of all the resorts (I personally feel it is an AMAZING pool!)
The proximity to Epcot is fantastic, technically BC is a few steps closer.

I think you should stay at whichever winds up costing you less money.

Yes, the options are 30% off at BC OR free dining at YC.

Thanks for the inputs. I think I’ll go back to YC and the flexibility that park hopper offers (and the extra $300 in my pocket). Thanks!

I will always say YC. YC now has a QS. It also has balconies! I love sitting on a balcony!


I suggest whichever option saves you more money. My family stayed at YC last fall, and loved it. If you want convenience to the Marketplace (for food, snacks, mug refills), Beach Club is a better option. We didn’t mind the extra walking distance. If you want a balcony with your room, Yacht Club is a better option. We found the balcony to be a nice respite, and a good place to hang wet swimsuits to dry (which we probably weren’t supposed to do.) Resort restaurants are more or less situated between the two. Leave yourself plenty of time to enjoy Stormalong Bay.

YC now has a small QS area. No need to walk to Marketplace!

That’s great. Where is it located? Was it added to Fittings & Fairings?

Not really a drastic difference between the 2. We have stayed at both several times. Usually do club level. Better food at YC CL. YC and BC basically mirror images. FYI. Son and I are Hoyas

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Thanks everyone! The input has been extremely help, especially the reminder on the balconies at YC. (Thanks @PrincipalTinker!)

I’ve switched back to YC and will do my best to stop looking at rates, especially since I need to focus on making FP reservations in 10 days!

@BenF12400 - Hoya Saxa!


@hoyasaxa00: hoya saxa!