Beach Club or Poly for 9night stay in October

I am having a hard time choosing between the poly standard view room or Beach Club standard room for our Oct trip. It will be myself, my Mom and my 7 year old twins. We will be hitting all the parks and will have hoppers. I have never stayed at either.

So hard to choose (1st world problems I know)

October is a great time to visit ! Will you be spending a lot of time at EP and HS? At BC you can pop into EP to eat- especially during food and wine! Poly is great for MNSSHP and ease getting back to the room if you are being flexible with MK closing early four nights a week. Both pools are great! My favorite onsite pool is the Oasis Pool at the Poly.

I am a little nervous about Oct crowds since our dates include Columbus day week. We have only been the week before Thanksgiving and mid September, so not sure what to expect.

We will be doing MNSSH one night.

The last couple of years MK has been very crowded. Mainly due to such reduced hours. I expect AK will be very busy as well. Have you decided how much time you will spend in each park?

I haven’t finalized park days yet but I am thinking we will go to each park 2 days( may not be full days). Maybe AK once, not sure now though with the extended hours and new stuff.

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We stayed at Poly many, many years ago. Absolutely loved it. The monorail is soooo convenient, especially for MK and EP, or if you are doing partial days or park hop between those 2 places. We are going to BC in June for the 1st time ever at that resort. Super excited, but do expect it will entail more walking to get around than if we stayed at Poly.

BC was such an easy walk to Epcot for food and wine. Why not do a split stay and do both resorts.

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That is what I would do but I was hesitant to say it!

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Why not a split stay? Both resorts are great for their own reasons. With the amount of time you will be on-property a split stay would be a great option.

I hadn’t really thought about splitting it. It’s definitely an option.