Beach club in December

I am planning to come in mid Decemberfor two nights to attend mvmcp. Only time in parks will be for party. Have reservation at beach club, hoping to use storm along bay to kill a lot of time. Probably not worth the money if we can’t use pool because of weather. Any thoughts?

Will you be going to EP to see the storytellers? The pool will be heated but there is no guarantee you will want to swim.

Winter weather in Orlando is completely unpredictable. It could be 80 or 50 - in a single 24 hour period. Several years ago I was ther in early Jan and was in t-shirts and shorts or jeans the whole trip; I could have comfortably gone swimming most days, had I chosen to do so. The people who were there the week before said they were in long sleeves, hoodies/sweaters, knit hats and gloves most of the time.

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I was in Orlando in November twice. Three years ago, on November 9th, we went to Universal and I had to wear a scarf, a jacket and during the whole week we were there, I went swimming zero times. I am the type that swims at 70F.

Last year, we were in Orlando from Nov 4th-13. Until the 10th, we swam every day while we were at WDW and the resort. After that, it was too cold to eat outside.

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When we visited in December and even January/February we have always managed to swim. The pools are heated so in the water it is pleasant even if it is 50 degrees out. Now getting out of the water on those cold days can be brutal. It is going to be random depending on what weather you get though and how cold tolerant you are if the weather is indeed cool…