Beach Club Concierge Level Rooms

Hello! My husband, 5-year-old son and I are staying at WDW Beach Club at the concierge/club level (with a lagoon or pool view) January 14-22, 2018, and I am wondering what the pros and cons are of the different locations and views of the club level rooms (it seems that things like noise level and balcony size can vary). I called the Beach Club, but they didn’t give me much information other than that that the club level rooms are all on the 5th floor. I’ve also looked at the room views on Touring Plans, but I’d certainly appreciate feedback from anyone who has stayed at Beach Club concierge level and has any information or opinions to share!

I haven’t stayed club level but I wanted to say we’ll be at AKL the same week! Coming up fast.

The Beach Club in general is one of the smaller resorts. I’ve found all the views to be pretty great. We’ve stayed on the DVC side.

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OK–so maybe we can’t really go wrong in whatever room! We stayed at the Poly at club level last year and absolutely loved it, so I’m hoping (fingers crossed) that we will enjoy BC just as much. Thank you! ENJOY your vacation! Yes, it’s coming up fast!!!

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I have stayed at BC CL before. Do you know what view? Is it standard view ?

Sorry for not including that information! We have a CL lagoon or pool view. We got the exact room we requested last year at the Poly, so I wanted to request a room this year, too, but we’ve never stayed at BC, so I don’t know what the “best” room for us would be.

I am sorry, I cannot remember the number but this was my view:

I am sure I sent the picture to TP at the time. I think I would look and request a lagoon view. It was very loud! Pool music blasted throughout the day.

Great information! Thank you! While the view is nice, the noise would not be. Thank you for uploading the picture!