Beach Club Cabana Reservations for week 01/15/2022 - 01/22/2022

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Just called to attempt a cabana reservation at Beach Club for anytime during my vacation from 01/15/2022 through 01/22/2022. Has anyone else attempted to snag a reservation?

All days and all four cabanas were unavailable. I’m still not convinced that they were booked up moreso than the reservations maybe are on hold for some reason. I’ve called less than 60 days and was still able to snag on in the past so just wondering!


I have had a similar experience. Tried to book at Cabana at 60 days out. Completely full already for all four days of our stay.

It stinks because you can’t check availability without calling and potentially sitting on hold forever.

Haha isn’t that the truth! I’m starting to be able to quote the commentary and sing all the songs on hold haha. I did see someone else call about their vacation from 01/13 - 01/18 who got the same response and they called at 60 days as well.

I’ll remember to give an update here if I get a reservation or get any information that can help us out.

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From what I’ve read on another forum, yes, they really ARE that booked up. People seem to have had the best chance booking for their final day if it’s a long stay, but even then it’s a crapshoot.

I believe cabanas are 60+10 as they were for the water park which makes 60 days hard to get like dining.

Yes. That is why, like hard to get ADRs, if you have a longer stay and plan the pool day at the end of the stay it is slightly easier to get one.

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But if I have a leading reservation for ADRs… then I can try to book a Cabana as soon as it’s 70 days away?

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As long as your leading reservation is at the resort where you want the Cabana (Beach/Yacht, Contemporary, Grand Floridian).

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