Beach Club and no dedicated Epcot Day?

Staying at BC for the first time next trip and I don’t have a solid day earmarked for EP. instead, I’ve just penciled it into our open evenings. For instance, I’ve got evening EMH one night there as well as two evenings with TS dinners.

F&W will be going on during our trip so we will focus on that and WS more heavily than FW, focusing evening EMH to ride rides in FW and one FP for FEA on one of our WS evenings.

Am I not taking a solid advantage in staying at BC with this little time there? For those that have stayed in the Epcot area, how do you normally plan TPs for Epcot?

One small additional note…we have two days budgeted for HS (a full day for SWGE) as well as TSL EMM on another day so, overall, I feel like we have decent time at the two parks together.

Sounds to me like you’re making great use of BC’s location next to EP!

Plus, your two days at HS make it worthwhile too. Of course, you can take the boat. But if you choose to walk, it only takes about 20 minutes and it’s a really peaceful pathway.

The only thing it seems you won’t be taking full advantage of is rope dropping EP, where you can almost literally roll out of bed and be at international gateway. But if the FW rides are secondary to WS for you, then it’s probably not that big of a deal anyway.

Sounds like your plan is perfect to me :grin:


I think it’s fine especially if you want to focus on FW and WS. It’s such an easy walk from BC–we love the location.


im all about world showcase. sounds like a great plan to me


One thing I love about staying at BC is the easy access to all the lovely dining opportunities at Epcot which is a quick walk over from the resort.

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