Beach Club and Mermaid Refurb

More construction.

Maybe this is why we couldn’t get a room at Beach Club at all for April or May. We got in to the Yacht Club. Is there any way to know for sure that the pool will be open during our stay? (I did ask when I reserved the room, I’m wondering if its still accurate)

I have run across a timeline although one may totally exist. Guessing that if a timeline existed it would be somewhat vague/open-ended as per the work at the Poly. Guests there got free entrance to the water parks. So, if SAB is down, wonder if guests will get something similar?

We had a Beach Club reservation for May 16-23, but changed to Yacht Club yesterday when I got a pin code in the mail. Was told that with my code I could only use it for club level at BC for our dates, but when I asked about YC, they had garden view available, so we switched. I really hope the pool isn’t closed for our stay. I was really looking forward to it!

The article I posted says pool area refurb. But, not official news so we’ll see I guess. Maybe someone out there has seen something official?

I have read several articles on the BC refurb and this is the first one to say the word “pool.”

I agree on the pool issue @Carpenters. A free pass to a water park will mean zero to us. I had my fill of water parks while our kids were growing up and if I never visit one again (Disney or not), I’ll be fine LOL