Beach club 2 br villa recs

Can anyone recommend a great 2br villa at beach club for a room request? Thanks!

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I have stayed in 2BRs twice and they were both very different locations (and one was a refurb) and I loved them both!

Unfortunately, the “best” locations are well known and so they will be requested by savvy DVC holders. So you’re unlikely to get exactly what you want.

So I recommend giving priorities in your request:

  • do you want a refurbed room? If so those are on the 4th and 5th floor at the moment, but more refurbs will be completed around October.
  • do you want to be close to the lobby / bus stop or would you prefer to be close to parking / quiet pool?
  • upper floor or ground floor?
  • near elevators? (Or far away from them?)
  • view of Spaceship Earth or view of Epcot fireworks?

Pick one or two of the above and list them in order of priority in your request.

Good luck!

There’s a path that goes directly from the villas pool along the “canal” to the front of the resort which is a much quicker route to the bus stops than via the lobby.

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I just meant did they want to be on the southwest side (red X) of the building or the northeast (Blue X).

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Thanks! Do you know what the refurbs involve?

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You should google it and see the difference. It’s just a “soft” refurb of couches, bedding, paint, art, cabinets, etc. But it really makes the rooms feel so much fresher and new. The 2BRs were better than the studios before the refurb though so it’s not like they’re bad. The biggest difference is they added a Murphy bed instead of a pull-out couch bed in the living room. Still no 9th sleeper.