Beach area/resort suggestions?

We are planning on staying at a beach resort for 3 nights after our 10 days in WDW in August 2015 and I would like recommendations for a family friendly area/resort/hotel either Pacific or Atlantic side.
We don’t generally sit on a beach all day and would like some water sports & other daytime activities plus a good selection of restaurants for the evening.
At the moment I am preferring Pacific side, but any advice would be greatly appreciated.

When you say Pacific side, do you mean trying to pick between going to a beach in Florida and a beach in California or do you mean looking for an Atlantic-side or Gulf of Mexico-side in Florida?

I did mean Gulf side.

Maybe Destin? Sandestin Resort perhaps?

No idea what your budget is, but the Sandpearl at Clearwater Beach has a lot of activities and wouldn’t be an incredibly long drive:

Clearwater is on my list. The Sandpearl looks very good. I would certainly like to try it, but I am struggling to justify the costs.
The Sheraton Sand Keys looks ok too, or at a push the Hyatt. The Hilton gets mixed reviews.
Any personal reviews for these?