Beach access

I read that the Christmas fireworks can be watched nicely from the Polynesian Resort beach, but I was wondering if anyone staying at any resort has access to that or if it is limited to people staying in that resort? If it is limited, is there another good venue to view the fireworks that is accessible by anyone?

We have done it before, but a for sure place to watch them is where the ferry launch is at the DTTC. Last time we were there in July they piped the music there and it was a lot of fun. I don’t know if beach access is available since the alligator incident. The last time we watched from the Polynesian was March 2016.

They will restrict access to the beach on really busy days, July 4th, Easter, Christmas, NYE etc. Most other times I think you could go. Might be an idea to go a bit early and buy a drink from one of the lounges to take down, just so you’re not actually just turning up and heading straight to the beach.

I guess they can reserve the right to scan bands if things got really busy.

Last Christmas time they would not allow parking on property if you were from An offsite hotel. They said we could pay to park at Magic Kingdom and walk over. However, the Christmas time before we were able to park at the Polynesian. We were not there on Christmas night though and didn’t use the park the day we went to the Polynesian. If you were on site st another resort or at another park, you could just take the monorail over and grab a dole whip for the show.