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Okay, give it to me straight. I want to make a Be Our Guest reservation for 12/30/18. I started making reservations at 5:58 this morning on my 180 window, but there are no open times all day. How likely is it, with my checking multiple times per day, that if I keep checking over the next 180 days something will pop up?

Any other tips or tricks?

It’s very likely. As well as checking yourself, you should try the reservation finder - the link is on your dashboard.


Use the TP reservation finder!

Do you know that it’s changing to a fixed price for dinner fairly soon?

If you are going for breakfast or lunch which are QS you can break your party up and book overlapping times. I booked two one person ADR for myself and DS when I couldn’t find ADR for 2. The times Are 5 min apart. Kind of annoying that I couldn’t book them together.

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Has the new dinner menu leaked yet? I’m thinking once it’s released a lot of picky eaters will drop their reservations.

Also is it true that the beast doesn’t appear at dinner Christmas part nights?

Thank you all so much! I called Dining this morning and got a reservation for 8:10. Which is breakfast and not my first choice when using the dinning plan (we aren’t big breakfast eaters), but the park doesn’t open until 9, so this is a great chance to get the “empty park” photos that are on my Disney bucket list. I will definitely use the TP reservation finder to see if we can get dinner as well!

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You can just pay for that meal out of pocket and use your credits for another meal which would give you a better value on the dining plan.

BOG breakfast is ridiculously expensive and actually a good use of a credit.

I’d suggest splitting meals instead if you don’t want a big breakfast, but still using credits.

Agreed it is one of the top choices for QS for value on the DDP. OOP on the other hand is not such a great deal. So definitely should use some QS credits on this one but like @missoverexcited said you can consider sharing meals. You can book for the number in your party so you all get benefits of PPO. You won’t be charged for any one not ordering or not showing up as long as some of your party shows up.

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I’m glad you got a reservation. Keep looking for lunch or dinner too.

However, just to make you aware, the chances are very high that the opening hours will change to 8am with a 7am EMH. That will almost certainly happen all week between Christmas and NYE.

Whilst that might mean it won’t be easy to get those coveted photos, it does give you a chance to do a couple of rides first, if you can get there early.

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Good info to know. We haven’t been to WDW since before the Fantasyland expansion and don’t have a BOG breakfast planned so I never looked into the value.

That is so true about the opening hours changing. That happened to me. The hours changed to 8 am so my 8:05 ADR was kind of pointless. Some suggest booking a second ADR for later morning and you can cancel whichever one you don’t need once the times are set.

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I didn’t even think about their changing the EMH! Right now it is listed as being PM EMH, but change should always be expected with Disney!

The TP Reservation Finder worked wonders for our recent trip, even as close as a couple weeks out.

You have to be quick though sometimes on a sought after restaurant.

You can go in earlier with a 8:05. We got there at 7:50 last time and were seated.

If you plan on getting there for a 7:00am opening (I agree, that is when it will open) maybe you will enjoy a quick breakfast? It is a great DP value.

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Also going to MK on the 30th. Echoing what was said earlier that the hours will most likely change to opening at 8am with 7am EMH. I managed a BOG at 8:10 as well just in case the park doesnt open early so I can be in prime location to catch some early rides.

If you dont know aleady about DisBoards - they have a forum where people list reservations they are about to drop.

Might be worth following there to see if something opens up.

Keep checking it took us a couple months after our 180 days out, but we finally snagged what we want.