Be Our Guest Quick Service Dinning plan


I just made a reservation for launch at Be Our Guest, to use one of our QS Dining Plan credits but in the process of I saw this message regarding the Dining Plan:


I don’t understand, isn’t Be Our Guest eligible for the Quick Service Dining Plan?


Yes it is for breakfast and lunch.

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So this message in the reservation page doesn’t make any sense, this is exactly what I see:

Is that referring to the refillable mug not being used there? Which is correct.


ok, if what it means is that I cannot use the refillable mug (which I know I can only use in the hotel) then it is fine for me.

My concerns was if they didn’t accept my QS dining plan.

I was just guessing. Might want to call to clarify.

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They do accept the dining plan. Don’t worry.


Thanks all. I fell less stressed now :slight_smile:

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Yes, we are there last week and they took quick service dining credits, a very good use of credits!

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