Be Our Guest Question

I have lost hope for being able to eat at BOG for lunch during our upcoming visit on Dec 17. We are not staying on property and from my reading, it looks like without the FP+, chances are slim. Is the Beast’s castle open at any other time to just walk through?

Don’t give up hope! If you’re ok with eating at somewhat of an odd time you might still be able to. Show up at 10:30 for an early lunch or around 1:30 for a late one and the wait won’t be too long.

As for just walking through it never hurts to ask but there are no specific times that it’s open just for touring.

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I wouldn’t lose hope either. You are going on a crowd level 2 day, which I would think will give you a better than average chance of scoring a spot. Good luck!

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In early June last year I walked in at 2:15 PM and ordered with no reservation and no wait. I was surprised to find no line across the bridge and am not sure if this is normal at that time of day, but it is possible at least sometimes to eat at Be Our Guest without a reservation.