Be Our Guest purchase requirements for reservation

Hello, I have a reservation for 6 people at Be Our Guest for this Sunday at 8:15 am. Do we all have to order something? Or can we share a couple plates? I just want to get into the park early. We don’t have a dining plan, not staying at a Disney resort. Thank you

I’m pretty sure you can order as much/as little as you’d like, especially since you are not utilizing a DDP credit!

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I am interested to know this too but we are on the DDP and staying onsite. There are 5 of us and we all want to order except DD8 who will not really eat anything on the menu apart from maybe a bit of fruit and bacon!

You can order what ever you would like. Save time by pre ordering. Recently it appears there is a bug in the system and to get your pre order to work you need to enter all the guest names on the reservation.

If you decide to order using the kiosk at the restaurant, here is my advice:

It will ask you how many are in your party. Only enter the number of those who you need to order food for. It doesn’t matter if there are 6 people really. This is where a lot of confusion happens at BOG.
Order what you like, then go find your seats. Again, it doesn’t matter how many seats you’re taking up. They’ll bring your food out to you using the signal either in your magic band or the rose (if you don’t have magic bands).

I hope that info is helpful for you and makes the ordering process smoother.

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