Be Our Guest Preorder Instructions

Has anybody pre-ordered BOG breakfast in the past few days?

Last week, there was a countdown to when I could pre-order for my wonderful PPO breakfast. Now I’m within my ordering window and I can’t find where we are supposed to pre-order and that message is gone! :thinking:. Any words of wisdom? Thank you!

ETA: I’ve tried both MDE app and desktop.

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I haven’t done it in the last few days, but if memory serves, you should go to your itinerary, find the reservation on the day, click on the reservation and a little overlay should appear. It should say “preorder” in that.

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On the App if you click on the reservation, then scroll down a bit on the next screen then you will see “place or modify order”

THANK YOU @Randall1028 and @galuchies!!

I swear this MDE is SO glitchy! I’m very fortunate I had no issues during ADR or FPP times! It wouldn’t allow me to make the initial order on the app, but I did see the special button. I was finally able to get into MDE on my laptop this afternoon to make the order.



Right now I have a reservation for 7 for a PPO BOG and I’m trying to figure out it I should call Disney to split up the reservation for me.

When I booked the ADR, I assigned it to myself and the 6 other members of our party. Originally none of the members of my party had their own MDE accounts. Now two do. I’d like those two to be able to order for their families in their MDE. That way when we arrive, we can each pay for our orders. They can see the ADR in their account. Will they be able to preorder as well and then pay separately, or do I need to split the reservation to do this?

I pre-ordered about 2 weeks ago and had to go through the MDE from the website. The app didn’t let me pre-order. (But it’s worth even breaking out a computer to do this- the line for the non-preorder folks was LOOOOOONG.)

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Good! I did finally figure it out on the computer. It was rather glitchy though. I hope you enjoy it! I’m so excited!

Definately use the website not the app for BOG preorder. Still not a guarantee the technology is working but soon much better than that line!

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Can you customise the BOG pre-order the way you can with several items on the mobile ordering bit of the app for other restaurants? I don’t fancy the vegetarian option so was hoping to order one of the others minus the meat, or with the meat on the side so another member of the family could eat it………….

There is some customization, but I don’t recall “meat on the side” or “no meat” on the non-veggie options.

Thanks. On the app for other places you can take the bacon off or get a veggie chilli or something. It’s a shame as the poached egg, brie croissant sounds way more appealing than a quiche for breakfast!

You might be able to do it in person - but I don’t think you can pre-order it.

This is our first time. If we do preorder what are the instructions once we arrive at the restaurant? Do we need to go to a particular line to check in and be seated or do we simply find a table to sit? We do have reservations for 7. Thank you!

There’s a separate line for preorders, you have to confirm (and can change) your order and then you find a table.

Thanks so much!! One last question. We have the Disney dinning plan for 4 adults and 2 children. Do you know if the kids have to order from the children’s menu for their dinning plan credit (we have a lunch reservation and it’s considered a Quick service meal on the plan).

nope, they can order from anything (unless something has changed.) In Disney’s eyes, a dining credit is a dining credit and can be used for either adult or child meals.


What @Randall1028 said, for QS credits.

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