Be Our Guest or New Storybook Dining

I already have a lunch reservation for Be Our Guest and I booked an evening one because the food looked good and I wanted to meet the beast. However the new Storybook dining with Snow White looks good to. Should I change?


Are you paying out of pocket or do you have the dining plan? Is the food important, or are you just focused on the experience?

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I was going to ask whether they were on the DDP too. Also @swatkins1971 are you spending the evening in MK?

Hi, no we aren´t on the dining plan it´s coming out of pocket. Spending the evening in MK wasn´t that important we are there for 21 days so we can go another night, plus we have Narcoossees booked for our last night to watch the fireworks

Hi, yes the food is quite important to us but seeing characters is as important.

There is a $10 difference in price but I would say BOG the food is much, nmuch better.

Is the dinner food at BOG better or the same since they switched over to signature dining? I wasn’t overly thrilled with my meal but I went before the change. Your comment makes me concerned since I am doing the Storybook dining next week and I have seen mixed reviews. :confused:

Storybook food was good. We did have the dining plan. The cash value of the meal was about $220. I would stay away from the lobster bisque at BOG but everything else was very good . Not as good as our signature meals but we would do it again.


I loved our dinner at Storybook. I think BOG dinner is good too, but if I had to pick just one it would be Storybook.

We really loved AP Storybook Dining when we went a few weeks ago. I thought the food was fantastic but it was also our first sit down meal in 48 hours so I’m sure that contributed to me being impressed with the food. Lol. The atmosphere is very lovely and we loved meeting the queen! She and Grumpy were both terrific and interacted so much with everyone. It also gave us a chance to visit WL as we hadn’t ever been out there before. It’s a beautiful resort.

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Thanks everyone for your thoughts.