Be our guest on day mk closes at 6

Are we allowed to book a dinner at Be Our Guest at 5pm though the park closed at 6 for a Halloween party if we don’t get tickets the party that day? Can we take our time at the dinner?

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They do stop letting you book TS at a certain time, it will say when you book if you need a party ticket. I think you’ll be fine at 5 though, and yes you can take your time.

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Is the beast always there at dinner?

Yes as far as I know. I’ve never seen any reports of him not being there.

As long as it lets you make a reservation, you should be fine. I’d make sure to pay earlier in the meal to avoid a hassle.

I had a 5:30 dinner at CRT on a Halloween party day on a day the park closed at 6 pm. We were able to take our time at dinner. A CM gave us wrist bands to indicate we were not part of the party. Once we left dinner, each CM we passed directed us (kindly) to the park exit.