Be Our Guest Menu

If I go to BoG for lunch, will I be able to order from the dessert menu used during dinner or will I be limited to the desserts listed on the lunch menu? I am specifically wanting the grey stuff offered at dinner, do not like the cupcakes.

As all of the orders are done through the kiosk, I’m pretty sure you’re limited to what is on the lunch menu. I’m not a cupcake fan either, but there was one that was frosted with the “grey stuff”, so I got it.

Interesting point. Looking at WDW site’s menus for BOG, they have the exact same desserts for lunch also for dinner, just a penny more ($4.99 vs. $5.00) - with the exception of one item, both with “the grey stuff.” At lunch, it’s the “The Master’s Cupcake” which is topped with the Grey Stuff. At dinner, it’s “The Grey Stuff,” described as Chocolate Shell, Cookie Crème topped with Lumiere’s special “Grey Stuff”. I agree with @bswan26, that you will be limited in choices, but it has the same topping.