Be Our Guest - Lunch or Dinner


Do you prefer dinner or lunch for BOG? Have an ADR but considering trying for a FPP for lunch. Curious which menu/experience people enjoy more. Thanks!


I am going to be no help at all because I really liked both and they are very different experiences. We loved our dinner, I know that some say it's overrated but we thought the food was excellent, loved the atmosphere and the whole Beast intro and meeting. It's pricey but DD and I split a dinner and we were very happy to have room for a cupcake smile Recently I did the lunch, no FPP but walked up and in very quickly just around 11-11:30. I loved the technology of ordering and having our food find us. Atmosphere still great but no beast. I liked the offerings at lunch and the price is obviously much nicer. Do both???


I much preferred dinner, even with the price difference. I had the croque monsieur at lunch and the pork loin at dinner. Croque at Chef's was much better, but the table service offerings were above definitely average for a non Signature level place.


I agree! Although I enjoy them both for completely different reasons I enjoy the food at dinner, especially recently, more than the lunch selections.


Both, however, if I have to choose, then I'd pick dinner. I really like the place for lunch , but there are other decent counter service options for that meal. However, nothing in the Magic Kingdom is even close to the quality and overall experience of Be Our Guest for dinner.


Thought I'd 'read somewhere there is a room open in castle at lunch that isn't open for dinner? Is this true, if so what is the extra room open for lunch? Thanx.


We have only done lunch and it was okay but it felt rushed and chaotic. Granted we went at a very busy time. I am very excited to try dinner there in two weeks.


As I understand, the Rose Gallery is not open during dinnertime. The Ballroom and West Wing are.