Be Our Guest kids meals?

Can we split a meal, order a kids meal or just get a cupcake for breakfast?

we were there in March with 2 reservations. On one it was me, DD10, and my mom. We ordered 2 cupcakes and oatmeal (which my mom wanted but is on the kids menu) and a cup of coffee. My Dad was on the other reservation and ordered an adult meal. We declined the pastries on our meal and shared the one on my Dad’s order. We had preordered the food and they review it when you check in. My parents stayed to enjoy their food while my daughter and I rode 7DMT right at 9 on an EMM day. Worked great for us!


That is great! Thank you for the intel. We are going mid morning, but want to be able to check it out the theming, but haven’t heard great things about breakfast. Trying to use the reservation finder to get a lunch reservation instead, but if that doesn’t happen, I wanted to make sure we had a back up plan.

It was fun to see the inside of the castle! (especially for the cost of a cupcake) although my parents were pleasantly surprised by how much they enjoyed their meals!

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We had breakfast there when we went. We were on the dining plan, and if you are it’s the best use of a quick service credit. It’s expensive without that. We are doing it this year and only ordering cupcakes so we can get in and get out. If you order a normal meal it is more food than you can shake a stick at.


Really? Portions look small and I’ve read that too. It only comes out to 1-2 pastries per person unless you order another tray.

I’ve been debating using a QS credit for both my kids or having them share.

Don’t remember the pastries, but we probably didn’t touch them. There was several plates for each meal so we had very little room left on the table. There is a lot of food. At $27 or so a pop (I’m not looking up the actual cost) there better be.

I thought the breakfast portions were small for $28. I only remember 1 plate for Gaston’s feast. My kids got french toast and it was 1 piece of bread. I felt so bad for them.

Seems like now they have mickey waffles on the adult and kids menu. Anyone know the portion size difference?

Not on the dinning plan, so we will be paying out of pocket.

I don’t see Mickey waffles!

You are right. The only waffles i see now are just plain waffles on the kids menu. I really thought at one point I saw waffles and french toast on the adult menu. But who knows and it was probably never Mickey waffles, sorry about that!

I could certainly be mis-remembering. My kids were 6 at the time and I ordered us all the Grey stuff too. They arent big eaters, so maybe I just ate some of their stuff too and remembered it being a lot of food.

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I think they bring one plate of pastries for a group of up to 4 or 5 people (usually). Sometimes I bring a ziplock bag with me and take the extra pastries for a little snack. If I forget a baggies I’ve been known to grab a paper cup from the beverage bar to put the pastries in. And in some ways that’s better because it protects them (just a little) from getting squished.


We took cupcakes and fruit out in paper cups this time :facepunch: