Be Our Guest - In need of reservation


If anyone is looking to cancel a Be Our Guest dinner reservation on Sunday, December 10, 2017 please let me know. I am in need of one for 4 people but haven’t been able to reserve one. Even willing to take a reservation for 2 people. It’s my daughters birthday on that day and Beauty and the Beast is her favorite. Would love for her to be able to meet the beast. Thanks so much.


Have you set up the res finder?


Here is a link to the reservation finder in case you have not set it up yet.


Way to go the extra mile @PrincipalTinker :wink:


Yes I have, no luck as of yet


I’m paranoid to even take a shower for fear of missing an alert. :joy: True story


It’s a slow time of year. Odds are still pretty good one may shake out. I have been trying to get the dessert party with plaza viewing on 12/2 for over a month- one finally popped a few minutes ago on a random refresh… ya’ never know, so just keep hoping for some pixie dust to get sprinkled your way :slight_smile:


If you don’t secure one before your visit be sure to call the day before and the day of. I have gotten reservations the day of for BOG! There are sometimes cancellations. Good luck!


Thank you. I will definitely keep trying