Be Our Guest FPP timing

My first new thread in the forum! Didn't see another thread about "when can I book a BOG FPP?" - hope I'm doing this right. I just booked FPP for BOG on 8/20. Hat tip to @LionUp for posting availability over on the Chat! This was 27 days from the date I wanted the BOG FPP. At 27 days to the first day of my ressie, I could not yet get the date I wanted. Each day of my trip is opening up one day at a time, 27 days out. Is this how it's working for everyone?


I wish they would settle on a date to open them. We've seen reports in the past few months of being as little as 10 days out and as many as 58. Makes it hard to plan.

Hi. I'm looking for 8/21 and have also seen every day of the trip opening up this week. I could see 8/20 today and hoping very much to see 8/21 tomorrow if 27 day "rule" continues.

It's been exactly 27 days for at least a month or so. As usual w/WDW, past performance has no bearing on future returns, your mileage may vary. But it's been 27 days.

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Got mine tfor 8/20oday

27 days out

Yep - still 27 days out. Got mine for 8/21 today. Yay

The email invite came today. Day after mb showed up. I booked for Thursday 8/21. Did I make the right choice to order there? Can you now remove things? Not a mayo fan.