Be our guest for snack

Can you make a reservation for Be our guest for lunch and just use snack credits to get cupcakes to go?

You would have to go in and sit down to have them delivered to you.

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Thanks, do you know if you can walk in and buy cupcakes to go using snack credit. And how long will the wait usually be?

No, you would have to be seated, which without a reservation would be hard to do.

If you order online at least 30 minutes before your ADR, you should get them shortly after you sit down at a table. They will find you. Ordering online eliminates the need to stand in line to place your order. It does not matter how much or how little you actually order. I don’t know if they are set up for “to go” containers. They use real china, not paper plates.

Just food for thought, but that castle itself is an attraction. So it might be worth taking a few minutes there. The bathrooms are nice, the drinks are self serve, so you can easily go get as many refills as you want and re-hydrate. I’m not sure what your plans are, but it’s a great place for a midday break. And we’ve never had trouble just ordering cupcakes, but we’ve never tried to take them to go - they tend not to last very long around my family ;).

I made a late night reservation in April specifically just to get dessert and meet the Beast. I had been told that you could use snack credits by others, but was not permitted to at the restaurant and had to pay OOP. Not a big deal as the desserts aren’t super expensive, but don’t want you to be caught off guard if they will not take DDP snack credits. Perhaps it will depend on the server.

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We ordered our breakfast with QS credits but had to pay OOP for the cupcake rather than use a snack credit. I thought it should have been a snack credit but I was only getting one cupcake so I decided to just pay for it OOP.

On the lines app it has the cupcakes listed as k credit. You probably have to walk up to use the snack credit.