Be Our Guest Covid table spacing

My family is heading to MK in late June and have always wanted to experience Be Our Guest. PLEASE DON’T JUDGE US, but my wife is still very concerned about Covid with our young daughter.

I have seen some recent YouTube videos that show that tables during Covid were spaced generously apart with a huge gap down the middle of the restaurants. Servers were also wearing masks.

Does anyone know if the tables are still spaced for Covid and if servers are still wearing masks? If so, do we expect this to last through the end of June?


This seems to be an individual choice for CMs right now, some do and others don’t. I don’t know if Disney has a policy for CMs or not. I know they stated that 90% of their staff was vaccinated before the mandate was dropped. At one point Disney said they would require their unvaxed CMs to wear a mask and face shield but I’ve not seen any face shields.

@avacarroll was just there. She can probably speak to your questions

We ate there in February. I don’t have great photos of table spacing but I’ll include a couple to give you an idea. BOG is a cavernous space and there were large areas left open to allow plenty of space for the Beast to visit. However some table were quite close together. I would just ask when you check in for a table that is off to the side and explain your concern. I have asked for a different table several times in Disney restaurants in the past year when they were about to seat us in the middle of a crowded area and it was never a problem, we just sometimes had to wait a bit.


We were there the last week in March. There was definitely a walkway for the beast between the outside and inside table loops, but the tables next to each other were a pre-covid distance apart.

In general, I think maybe 20% of CMs were masked around WDW in general. Most of our servers were not masked, including at BOG.

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