Be Our Guest - Closed September 11?

It appears that Be Our Guest may be closed on Friday, September 11. There are no reservation times available at any point in the day for even a party of just one person. Seems strange… :thinking:

Because that’s right at the edge of 180+10, it may just be that they haven’t released them yet.
Also, searching for a party of 1 isn’t always a good gauge because the ADR system is wonky and often won’t show availability for one even if a table for 2 is open.


I tried for party of 5 first (what I actually want) and had no problem booking elsewhere at MK that day … but your’re right, it’s right at the edge of 180+10, so I should just be patient :grin:

Set up an alert here in TP!

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Still no availability any time for any party size on 9/11…

This may be a coincidence, but we had the same issue with Tusker House on Sept 11th last year. I remember the date specifically because it was 9/11. We tried to book at 180+5 days and there were zero openings available all day. We asked our travel agent and even a cast member at Tusker on a earlier trip and no one knew what was going on. It did eventually open up about 2-3 months ahead of the trip.

Again, I’m sure it is unrelated but thought it was interesting based on the date.

I noticed the same thing this morning when my 180+10 opened. I called the phone line to see if they could make the reservation for me and the rep confirmed that there were no ADRs available at all on that date. She was also able to confirm that they hadn’t been booked. So it must be some kind of glitch or the restaurant is closed for some reason. She suggested I keep checking back. Very strange.

Thanks for the update! (I hadn’t called to ask)

Is it available for you on 9/12? It’s available 9/10, but 9/11 is our last day, so I can’t see 9/12. Just curious if it is a one day unavailability or if it is multiple days.

Yep. Lots of availability on the 12th.

Update: Be Our Guest reservations are now available on 9/11

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