Be Our Guest breakfast

Good morning!

Have any of you had breakfast at BoG, yet? I’m wondering if the adult meals are big enough to split between 2 people. It’s so pricey, I thought splitting might be a good way to go.


It really depends how much you want to eat for breakfast. A small basket of pastries is served with each check at breakfast (whether that’s one person ordering or four), and so as long as you don’t plan to get stuffed at the meal, one meal and one basket of pastries should be enough for a light breakfast.

Great info! Thanks @mascardofamily!

Another question: Do you know if they actually allow people to split meals at BoG? Wondering if you could pre-order only 2 meals with an ADR for 4.

I did not pre-order, but found that between the pastries and my meal, it could have been split between two people. I had the poached eggs.

If i recall correctly, you can just pre-order the meals you want, regardless of party size.

You can split - we did it in March.

We ate breakfast at BOG last Wednesday. We had 6 people: me, DH, DS9, DM, DMiL, DFiL. We pre-ordered the day before and got 3 meals total with one tray of pastries. No problem splitting/sharing.

Thanks, everyone! Great to know!

Was the breakfast quicker than dinner? I have an early breakfast at 8 before rope drop. Do you think we will be done in an hour?

Unless you’re a crazy slow eater, you will be done in an hour easily. It was about 10 minutes from ordering until our food arrived when we did it for breakfast.