Be our guest breakfast timing

Today was my ADR day and I did pretty good getting what I wanted. I got a BOG PPO reservation for 8:25, I am wondering if it matters that it is 8:25 rather than 8:00 (park hours today show opening at 9:00). Are they functionally the same reservation?

Can I still get in the park at 7:45 (or whenever they let folks in) go back, and eat and be out in time to get in line for SDMT or PP for park opening? Or do I have to actually wait until 8:25 to go into the resturant, in which case I would be a little worried about having to shovel food in our faces in order to be in line before the park opens.

I have lots of time to work this out, and it is possible an earlier time would become available later. Just wondering if I should be constantly checking for an earlier reservation time, or if my 8:25 is functionally the same as an 8:00 I can move on to worrying about other things.

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ostensibly the same. just be there at 745 and they will let you in same as 8am reservations. then its basically first come-first serve at BOG for the most part.

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We had an 835 last Thursday. Were let in the park at 745 and eating by 815. We did an advance order.


Lucky! I logged in right at the start time for 9/11, which is 60+4 and EVERY breakfast and EVERY lunch for that whole day at “Be Our Guest” was taken already! I have never seen that before!
Do your happy dance in style! :heart_eyes:

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Have you tried using the Touring Plans reservation finder?

Yes, do the reservation finder and you’ll definitely get it! Just got it for my trip that is 65 days out.

I’ve seen some other reports that reservations for 9/11 aren’t showing up yet - it might be a case that the reservations aren’t yet available, rather than that they’re already fully booked. I know that I had problems with several restaurants not being available at 180 days for my recent trip. I would keep checking.

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Thanks guys! I just used the reservation-finder tool. Will keep my fingers crossed! Appreciate you all! Weird how on the 10th it was fine and the 12th it was all good…just that one day…

Thank you all so much, appreciate the insight

Agreed! I was one of the people talking about this on another thread. I even called the reservation line and they confirmed that reservations were not currently available, but that no ADRs had been booked on that date yet. So they said to check back later!

So just an update…when I got home and checked My Disney Experience then suddenly I could make reservations for breakfast and lunch at BOG on 9/11. Odd how it was just THAT day, but if anyone else was in the same boat as me, just know you are good to go now!