Be Our Guest beer at lunch?

So I finally snagged a rsv for lunch at Be Our Guest. But I’m having a hard time figuring out one tiny detail…do they serve beer and wine at lunch? Or only dinner?

Only dinner since it is a QS for lunch and they only serve beer and wine at TS restaurants in the MK.


Nope. Sorry. How does a Coke sound to you?
But the food is actually quite good. I swear by the Onion Soup and Turkey sandwich with dijon mayo!!!

Did I fall asleep and miss something? I thought that BOG dinner was the only place at MK where you could get adult beverages.

They added a few more right before Christmas. Skippers Canteen, CRT, Liberty Tree and Tony’s all have it now, although very limited offerings at each.

More alcohol at MK - Walt must be spinning in his cryogenic tube…


I am looking forward to it


I’m confused. If the reservation is for lunch, and lunch at BOG is QS, then how did you make an ADR?

I didn’t think you could make ADRs for QS?

BOG takes lunch reservations due to its popularity. Its is cs however your food is brought to your table. Without a reservation you may not get in to eat there at lunch If you cannot get a reservation then try to go when it opens for lunch.

And be aware that it opens for lunch at about 11am!!