Bday room request

I would like your help to send my room request to Disney.
I will arrive the 30 of December and staying in the Port Orleans Riverside.
I would like to have the best room possible, and preferable not in the Alligator Bayou.
I would like a new room if possible, with a good view and near to the bus that takes you to the parks.
I would also like not to be in the first floor.
I will also like my room to have a mini-fridge and a safe.
And a king size bed.

Please include in the fax that the day after we arrive (Dec. 31) is my birthday so it would be awesome if they could place me in a nice room.

thank you

Hi @paulasegoviaj what a great way to celebrate a birthday! I hope you have a wonderful trip.

There are a few things touring plans will need you to do before they can send your fax.

First- did you go on the touring plans website and set up your trip on your dashboard? Then you have to select your resort. Once your resort is slated you will have a link to pick your view. Go to that page and adjust your settings ( click on the red sections on the map to see the rooms). When you find the right room - pick it (top right corner). Then go back to your dashboard and click on “edit fax”. You will need to include the name of the reservation and reservation number.

If you have a problem doing any of this, post here and someone will help.

Hi @PrincipalTinker do you know if the room has a mini fridge? because many of the pages I visit tell me that it does but in the Disney page it doesn’t say anything about this.

btw thank you for the help with the fax. It is already done! It says it will be delivered 5 days before my trip. Do i need to do something else for it to send?

If you got a notice that your fax is all set, you do not have to do anything else.

Yes! Port Orleans has small refrigerators. You will find it hidden in a wooden cabinet. They are not very big but it will hold a half gallon of milk, yogurt, beer and soda if you want.

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