BCV studio vs bc regular room. Also BMV standard and preferred vs BW

Hey all - first forum post ever. So, considering an August 2015 for two adults. What are the advantages of a BCV studio over a reg Bcc room, other than cost? Convince me that I want a studio. also, what is the difference between BMV preferred and standard? Should I just get a reg boardwalk room? Enlighten me please!

Pretty sure this was over in the chat. The DVc rooms have kitchenettes that allow you to eat a bit in your room. They have a queen bed and a pull out couch. The BCV rooms are close to the IG entrance at Epcot. Our DVc studio at bwv was as close as you could get to DHS if you wanted to walk but the rooms are all over the place there because of the different categories. Fir just 2 of you it just depends on if you like having your room cleaned every day ( renters don't get it, paying Disney direct do)

Thanks for the info altig. What about thre difference between BCV standard and preferred? Is it all location?

Yep, location location location. I will pay for the view at AKL but not at BWV

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So, from what I am hearing here, I should absolutely take BCV studio over BC garden view if cost is the same?