BCV Interior Refurbishment in 2022?

Can anyone update me on the interior BCV Interior Refurbishment which was scheduled for 2022? Is it still on the schedule? I am interested in the timeframe and the specifics of what will be refurbished. Thanks!

I don’t think any of us know if it is still on schedule because of the GF project? BR is also waiting for a refurb.

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Wow, we stayed at BCV and BRV last trip and Boulder Ridge definitely needed WAY more love than Beach Club! I’m shocked BCV is even on a list, seemed great!

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BCV is scheduled for a “soft goods” refurb so updating things like linens, decor, etc. Not sure exactly when that will be happening.

BRV is scheduled for a full refurb after SSR is done I believe.

Where do you see the list of possible refurbs?

DVC refurbs are usually announced at the annual meeting?

Sorry I was thinking of the regular rooms. Are those announced in advanced?

Here is the last DVC update that I know of

Will be interesting to see the BRV refurb. They should get the pull down Murphy bed in place of the sofa beds.

Can someone remind me, has Saratoga got those Murphy beds in the studios too?

I know the 1 & 2 beds got the twin size Murphy bed added in the living rooms but BRV already has those.

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The SSR studio sofa bed was replaced with the murphy bed, but the rooms still only sleep 5 and don’t have the little hidden bed.


But to clarify, the SSR studios still only sleep 4. The 1-beds now sleep 5.


I think I was debating saying ‘only sleeps 4’ and ‘still doesn’t sleep 5’ and just completely botched it. Yes you are right, only 4 in studio.


I know I’m a broken record, but I wish this was the case at all the resorts. It seems silly that a smaller room gets you more beds. I would much prefer a 1-bedroom, but I had to book studios at BRV and BCV to get the pull-down bed!