BCV Complicated Room Request Situation (I think)?

Hi Disney Fans and Len!

Heading down from Somers, NY on 6/26 for a 5 night stay at BCV. Because of some logistical issues several months ago, I ended up with two separate reservations for a 2 BR. We have a two night res and and a 3 night res. When I asked if the two reservations numbers could be combined back into one, I was told that I could lose the 2BR completely if they tried to do that. Seems to resort is pretty full at this time.

1st Question: How can I request to stay in one room for my entire stay? I do not want to move to a new room after the first two nights. DVC Member Services told me to call BCV 10 days before arrival (on 6/16) and ask for a “continuance”. Is that accurate advice?

2nd Question: I’d like to request a room for the entire 5 nights on the SE corner, 3rd floor or higher. Is it possible to do this when I have two different reservations?

The room request is not the critical issue, however. I really do not want to move to a new room after two days (unless the first room is in a bad location).

Any advice on how to proceed would be awesome! Love this site and all the resources! I would be happy to provide room view pictures from whatever BCV room I get.

Thanks in advance,

Rod from NY

sorry I’m not sure did you rent points or DVC member. If member can member services not take care of this for you?

I would call DVC Member Services again. Last I knew, the official DVC policy was to only take room requests through Member Services and not through the resort. Explain the situation to the CM and see what they can do for you.

In general, when calling Disney about anything I have found that some CMs are a little more knowledgeable/helpful than others. If you are not getting the answers that you would expect, call back and speak to someone else.

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