BC vs BW

Is Beach club generally slightly less than BW? Or are there other factors that make the difference fluctuate? And if so, why is BW considered a more desirable property? We just got back from BW and liked it a lot. But I read a lot of so many people saying BC. Could be convinced to stay at BC if it were a lot less. For a small difference, would probably still stay at BW. We enjoyed the slide and pool and the clown doesn’t bother us at all. Is it possible to get a BC room at the end very close to IG, or you can’t get out the building that way anyway?

BC = stormalong


That makes it less expensive? We looked at it when we went to beaches and cream. It was cool, but even for my older kids, not an over the top factor to pick it instead next time.
I was more curious about the reasons for the price differences between the 2 and if one is considered a more prestigious property, if that makes sense.

Oh I misunderstood the question. I thought you wanted to know why one was better than the other. BC=stormalong. But I don’t know a thing about cost.

Beach club tends to be more expensive. People love it for the pool though!

They’re both deluxe and have similar theming. Stormalong Bay is a big factor why people choose BC. Pricing will be similar with BC being considered the more desirable location. I love both resorts and would be happy in either.

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It was a .25 mile walk from Beach Club to the International Gateway.

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