BC Villa Room Request Recommendations

What are the pros and cons of various locations in the Villa area of the Beach Club resort? The villa area seems pretty compact so not sure there is a big difference, but interested to hear opinions.

Here are my stats:

  • 4 young kids (i.e., minimal walking would be best)
  • 2BR Villa
  • Plan to walk to EP & possibly HS; bus to MK and drive to UOR & possibly AK
  • Plan to swim at Stormalong Bay multiple times
  • Not first floor
  • Not club level
  • View not important
  • Rental from David’s

Secondary question - am I eligible for a lockoff room or would I have needed to already have that on the reservation? I don’t think I need one, just curious.

A lock-off villa is a bookable category, so if your reservation says “2 bedroom” then you have a dedicated villa.

There is really no difference in distance to SAB, the parking lot, buses, Epcot. The short cut to the parking lot and buses is past the pool.

And there aren’t really any views to speak of either. Some people like to overlook the villa pool. The rooms nearer to Epcot can have a view of the top of SE and the fireworks, but essentially the view is of trees. You could request near to be near an elevator if that is important to you.

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We stayed at a BC Villa in 2011 when our kids were 9 & 12. Loved the property and especially the swimming complex and close proximity to EP for dining in the evening. My only caution is the walk to HS from BC. It’s longer than you think, and miserable in the heat and humidity. Try to catch the boat.

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My only advice would be to request something fairly close to the elevators. Those hallways can feel veeeery long after a day in the parks, especially for little feet.

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Oh, yes this! We were at the very end of the building, closest to the parking lots, and I swear we walked forever.

The only good thing about that end of the building was we could take the stairs down (we were on the second floor) and get to the buses quickly (which won’t apply to you if you have strollers). Otherwise, it was awful.

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