BC to HS Transportation

Has anyone got an Uber/Lyft/Minnie Van from Beach Club to HS in time for RD/getting a BG (i.e getting there early)? Was it straight forward or did you encounter any problems? Did it take long for one to pick you up? Did you get there in good time?
(We could walk but checking options).
Many thanks

Why wouldn’t you just walk?


No, but we got them from BC to MK last year in time for 8am BoG reservations, so more or less the same situation just with a different endpoint. We had no problems - ordered them around 7am.

There have been reports that the car entry at HS at times backs up. Why would you not walk or take the boat?

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Thanks guys. Just to add, we’re looking to get there early for RD and get BG, don’t think boat runs at that time. We have kids 7 & 4, not convinced the walk and then queuing is going to be a great start. It’s our first day so want to keep it nice! (We’re not precious so might walk!).

Will you have a booster seat for your 4 year old?

Great point. No, but I understand Minnie Vans and the right type of Uber have them.

Others might have more info but I have read that a Uber family is no longer an option?

Are you going to bring a stroller for the 4 year old? If so see if you can get the 7 year old on too for the ride over to HS, makes the walk easier. My girls 7 and 3 can both fit for a brief time in our Baby Jogger.

Thanks all. It sounds like the walk is doable and we’ll look into taking a stroller or buying one there. Many thanks!

We used Uber Family on Friday, they had a car seat and a booster - it was great, I regretted paying so much money for Minnie vans.

What time was that?

The boat runs early, you will get there in plenty of time. In January HS opened at 7, we were on the first boat from the Swan at 6:05am. We were planning to walk unless the boat was there, and luckily it was there and HS is the next stop, so really quick. The week before when the parks opened at 6am, the boats were running by 5. Just try to be on the first one, so be at the boat dock 75 minutes before the park opens.


Thanks Wahoohokie, that’s great info!


About 3pm.